Zouk Club Malaysia

Born with a creative vision way ahead of its time back in 1991, Zouk Singapore’s most successful superclub has already achieved stratospheric levels of fame to become one of the most internationally recognized clubs on the planet. Constantly reinventing and revolutionizing its unique brand of party experience, Zouk has become a household four-letter word, a phenomenon that has seamlessly infused itself through the lifeblood of the new, discerning Singaporean. With the world’s most respected DJs rating Zouk as one of clubbing’s global greats, Zouk has established a powerful first in placing Singapore on the world map for propagating dance music in this part of Asia.

The brainchild of Lincoln Cheng, Zouk was originally inspired by the parties of Ibiza and the Carribean, with the strong belief that music is the universal language connecting humanity.

Zouk came along at a time when Singapore was a dance music desert and gave birth to its own creative culture with its charismatic and fresh take on club experience.

Along with a bag of local and International awards in tow – Zouk has also been voted one of the best international clubs by The Face, DJ Mag, and Ministry magazine; and nominated by Muzik magazine as best club at the Muzik Awards 2002. Not resting on any of its laurels, Zouk continues to strive ahead, maintaining clarity of vision and has remained at the forefront of the dance scene in Asia since 1991.

In its persevering philosophy to unite all of mankind under the banner of music, 2001 saw an unprecedented marketing thrust for Zouk, the club took a few bold steps to bring the superclub to another level by introducing Zoukout, which eventually became the club’s annual outdoor festival that is deemed South East Asia’s largest outdoor event. Approximately 15,000 people turn out annually for this event, and since then, the club also released its first ever coffee table book entitled Zouk: The Book, chronicling the life and times of Superclub. This was followed by both the global release of Zouk’s double CD compilation entitled Rhythm 1 and Rhythm 2, mixed by their own talented resident DJs which are a testament to the club’s unflagging desire for change.

113, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +603 2171 1997 | Fax: +603 2171 1998 | Email: info@zoukclub.com.my
Website: www.zoukclub.com.my